Texas floods. Did it occur because of climate change?

The article made me feel a worried about our future. It was said that the the human contribution can be up to 30 percent of the total rainfall coming out of the storm. These storms are also way more frequent now compared to just 70 years ago. That is pretty scary, because it can cause a lot of destruction and people can die. What I learnt from the article was how global warming made the hurricane grow stronger and that scientists expect more of theseBilderesultat for hurricane in houston 2017 “weird weathers” in the future as the planet warms.









I learnt that the warmer air causes evaporation to happen faster, which can lead to more moisture in the atmosphere. The air is getting warmer because of global warming. Hurricanes occurs more often where the atmosphere is moisture. Therefore there will be more hurricanes to come around Texas. Hurricanes feed and grow on warm ocean surface waters. But as they grow, their strong winds often pick up seawater, churning the oceans and moving the warmest waters deep below the surface. These winds also bring newer, colder water closer to the atmosphere, which usually serves to drain energy and weaken the storm. In this scenario Harvey didn’t drain energy and weaken. This was because of the water that is usually cold were not cold and therefore the hurricane could just keep on growing. The fact that it grew stronger before it came to land lead to the first time i the last 30 years that storms west of Florida intensified in the last 12 hours before landfall.

I would gladly know more about what damage the hurricane did. The article didn’t say if any buildings got destroyed or got severely damaged by the water. To understand what happened in a storm it is important to know how damage it dealt.

I definitely agree with what the article says. It’s true that Global warming causes more storms and dangerous weathers. This statement has been clarified several times by scientists and meteorologists. For just some centuries ago there were way less storms and natural disasters. Today there are natural disaster happening left and right.


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